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The 10 finest global experiences


Experience the globe like never before with our top 10 travel experiences. Explore Machu Picchu and Northern Lights secrets!

Imagine the best travel experiences of your life. Do you yearn for those remarkable locations that steal your breath away, inspire a passion, and create enduring memories? You have company.

We all want extraordinary moments. Humans naturally want experiences that pique our interest and change us.


These top 10 finest experiences range from trekking historic routes to eating street cuisine in crowded cities.

Discover what we’re discussing!


How to fulfill your wanderlust without spending a lot and 13 global bucket list vacation ideas.

Top 10 global experiences
We’ll start by saying that these are our top 10 global experiences, although there are hundreds more.

1. Inca Trail hiking in Peru
Through magnificent cloud woods, past ancient ruins. High altitude air is thin, yet your soul is as high as the Andes.

The Inca Trail in Peru, one of the world’s most renowned walks, is a historical journey.

At the end is Machu Picchu. These 15th-century remains reveal Incan culture. Exploring magnificent stone castles amid lush peaks is like reading a timeless story.

Dead Woman’s Pass, the trail’s highest point, is nearly 4200m high. Hiking to the peak offers breathtaking vistas of mist-shrouded valleys below, making it worth the effort.

A real adventure, trekking the Inca Trail. Make sure you’re in excellent condition, with a guide from a respected travel agency (ask other travelers and investigate online reviews), and respect this old way. It takes work yet yields lifelong memories.

2. The Great Wall of China amazes
The Great Wall of China, a symbol of power and perseverance, must be seen. Not just Beijing’s Mutianyu district offers a distinct viewpoint; several lesser-known sections do too.

Jinshanling and Simatai are less busy yet spectacular. These regions provide peace and spectacular vistas with less people. Explore these destinations for a real trip.

Walking on ancient warriors’ routes safeguarding their motherland will feel like going back in time. The exhilaration is genuine.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site’s beauty comes from its historic relevance to Chinese history and culture.

Each dynasty added their own architectural styles and additions to the fortress, making every step along the wall seem like turning through a live history book.

3. Safari in Tanzania
Imagine waking up to lions roaring amid Africa’s wild beauty. Tanzania safaris are about that.

A Tanzanian safari allows you see amazing creatures in their natural environment, without bars or glass. From towering giraffes eating acacia trees to stunning elephants plodding over huge plains, every moment is a wonder.

You may see the Great Migration, one of nature’s most amazing events. Every year, millions of wildebeest and zebra cross Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve.

But it’s not only seeing animals. Safaris also provide stunning scenery. These sights—the sun sinking over Ngorongoro Crater or the baobab-dotted savannahs—are unforgettable.

4. Jordanian Petra exploration
Explore one of the world’s most spectacular archeological sites sculpted into rose-colored sandstone cliffs.

Formerly the Nabataean capital and a busy commercial hub between 400 B.C. and AD. 106, these ruins testify of bygone civilizations’ architectural feats.

You may stroll through the Siq, a tiny ravine, to Al-Khazneh (the Treasury), which appeared in Indiana Jones movies. Beyond this prominent edifice, there are temples, tombs, and an amphitheater that reflects life thousands of years ago.

No journey to Petra is complete without climbing Ad-Deir, or “The Monastery”—awesome edifice greater than Al-Khazneh.

5. The Everest Base Camp Trek
Walk in the footsteps of renowned mountaineers among majestic peaks. Trekking to Everest Base Camp brings that.

The journey is as satisfying as the goal. The trek passes through lush woods, Sherpa communities, and Buddhist temples.

Lukla is where most treks begin following a short but exhilarating flight from Kathmandu. From here, you and nature (with expert help) face off. Beyond its natural beauty, Nepal’s rich culture will captivate you on your journey. Namche Bazaar—”the gateway to Everest”—will give you a taste of Sherpa life.

This encounter requires fitness and dedication. Trekking organizations provide complete programs including lodging, food, and porters. Conduct careful study on the most trustworthy agencies.

Acclimatization is essential for trekkers to avoid altitude sickness. First, listen to your body for safety.

6. Indian Diwali and Holi celebrations
Joining locals in memorable festivities is one of the finest experiences in the world.

India welcomes you to celebrate Diwali and Holi, two of its most lively holidays. This varied nation’s rich cultural history is reflected in these joyful celebrations.

Diwali, the festival of lights, falls between October and November. The ceremony celebrates light over darkness, wisdom over ignorance.

In Jaipur and Varanasi, streets are lined with oil lights called ‘diyas’, providing an unforgettable sight. Firecrackers are important, so be careful.

The March festival of Holi welcomes spring. Throwing colored powders at each other in fun makes it an enjoyable event.

Travelers seeking a genuine Holi experience choose Vrindavan for its Lathmar Holi tradition. Protect your eyes from direct exposure and beware of pickpockets in dense groups. Girls should take extra measures during this event (see the first-timer’s advice on solo female travel in India).

Remember that these events are doorways to Indian culture and customs, not simply fun.

7. Enjoying Bangkok street cuisine
No top 10 list of foreign experiences is complete without a street food trip.

Bangkok, Thailand’s lively city, is known for its fragrant alleyways that draw foodies from across the world.

Street food here is a taste explosion with grilled meats, stir-fried noodles, tropical fruits, and sweet desserts. This city provides a unique gastronomic experience.

Bangkok is known for its street cuisine, as a tour through its streets will show. Rows of sellers provide a bewildering variety of foods at low costs.

These bustling streets provide more than simply food—they offer local culture. You’re eating centuries-old dishes handed down through generations.

One must taste pad thai, mango sticky rice, and som tam at roadside stalls to understand why this city ranks high among global gastronomes.

8. Epic Egyptian Nile River trip
Imagine floating over the world’s longest river, learning about ancient history and lively culture. This Egypt Nile River cruise should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Luxor, ‘the world’s finest open-air museum’, starts your Nile voyage. Before heading downstream to Aswan, you’ll see stunning pharaohs’ temples and tombs.

This enthralling tour might last three to seven nights, depending on your package. Traveling across millennia-old landscapes yields fresh discoveries every day.

You may take guided tours of Valley of Kings, Karnak Temple Complex, and Edfu Temple. Aswan, with its Nubian culture and Philae Temple, concludes your Nile tour. If you have time, visit Abu Simbel, a massive temple complex saved from rising floods during Aswan dam building.

9. Walk the Camino of Santiago
There are many paths on the Camino de Santiago, sometimes known as ‘The Way’. It’s more of a complex network of roads throughout Northern Spain, France, and Portugal.

The Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is the goal of all paths. After weeks or months of walking, imagine entering this enormous building. Consider these factors before lacing up your boots.

Pilgrims worldwide choose the French path. In summer, instead walking this path, which may become quite busy toward the finish, choose Camino Primitivo, the traditional way, which offers equally enjoyable experiences with less people.

Apart from reaching Santiago’s Cathedral, each step along these old routes gives special experiences. Each day of this self-discovery adventure delivers new experiences, whether it’s mingling with other travelers, sampling traditional cuisine, or reflecting in nature’s splendor.

10. Northern Lights in Scandinavia
One of the top 10 finest experiences in nature is seeing the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. This celestial dance colors Scandinavian sky gloriously.

Electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with Earth’s atmosphere generate these spectacular sky displays. Shades of red, yellow, blue, and violet may occur with light green and pink. Near magnetic poles, these phenomena occur.

Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Icelandic locations are ideal for seeing this natural treasure. Remote areas without city lights provide clearer vistas. Tromso in Norway and Abisko National Park in Sweden are good places to see these lights.

You may require patience. Solar activity is unpredictable, therefore auroras may not appear every night. Tracking solar activity (KP index) via applications increases your chances of seeing them.

Northern Lights season extends from late September to late March, although December through February have better probabilities owing to darker evenings.

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Prioritizing and budgeting
Any travel experience begins with priorities and budgets. Choose your favorite sights, activities, and experiences for your vacation. Then study lodging, transportation, and admission ticket expenses in your trip and decide how much you can spend.

Booking inexpensive flights and lodging
Though difficult, finding cheap flights and lodging is feasible with some smart planning.

First, book early since costs grow closer to travel. Avoid going during peak tourist season when demand and costs are greatest.

Consider Skyscanner for flights and Booking, Agoda, and Hostelworld for hotels—often you’ll find exceptional offers.

Worldpackers’ platform saves a lot of money, as claimed. It lets backpackers like you volunteer abroad at cheap cost.

Travel necessities and packing advice
Traveling light requires clever packing. Keep necessities like mix-and-match clothes, travel-sized toiletries, reusable water bottles, digital copies of crucial papers, and a multi-tooled pocket knife. You’ll have everything you need without overpacking!

Respect and cultural sensitivity
Learning about local traditions before visiting demonstrates respect for host communities and enhances the trip experience.

Safety and health
Always put your health and safety first while traveling. Research local hospitals, ailments, drugs, travel insurance, local news, and sensitive subjects.

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